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This is a question Water, boats and all that floats

Scaryduck hasn't changed the question because he's away drinking on a boat. So.

Tell us your stories of drinking and sinking, in piddly little pedalos all the way up to that oil tanker you "borrowed" ...

(, Thu 1 Nov 2012, 19:34)
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A house? No I think we'll try a boat instead
This was the great plan of ex hubby many years back and it sounded good to me at the time but I feel it wasn't destined to be....
A boat was found in a Marina a few miles down the road and a deal was done. It needed an engine but this was part of the deal. While still at the Marina some one managed to unplug the power supply from the mains so the bilge pump had no power, boat sank.
The marina picked up the bill for this mishap and soon hubby was heading back towards the sunny shores of Cambridge when a hose burst leaving him stranded somewhere between Isleham and Cambridge until they managed to bodge the hose back together after several hours. On arriving in Cambridge it was booked into a boat yard for some work who told us it had some amazing woodworm thing and could fall apart at any moment.
Downhearted but not yet defeated we moored up in Town and started clearing it out in the hope that we could find a way to restore it. Then it sank again (stolen battery)and we paid the sea cadets 50p to refloat it. About 15 minutes after it was refloated someone was back on there robbing stuff off it (there was only some small bits of wiring left). We admitted defeat at this point, cut our losses and got rid of it. I've not been that enthused about boats since.
(, Mon 5 Nov 2012, 13:44, Reply)

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