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This is a question The B3TA Detective Agency

Universalpsykopath tugs our coat and says: Tell us about your feats of deduction and the little mysteries you've solved. Alternatively, tell us about the simple, everyday things that mystified you for far too long.

(, Thu 13 Oct 2011, 12:52)
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That the sticky strip on pantie liners ...
was for sticking them to the panties. I had been married several years before spotting a discarded pair and having this particular damascean revelation. Previously I had wondered about the hair problem but simply figured that it was just one of those things that women put up with for the sake of a 'good seal'.
(, Thu 13 Oct 2011, 18:37, 5 replies)
funny you should mention that...
my g/f grew up with older sisters and would often find the discarded non-sticky bit in the bathroom bin. She was pretty sure these things had something to do with the whole period thing but couldn't work out how these slippery bits of plastic were used to stem the tide, or why they weren't covered in blood.
(, Thu 13 Oct 2011, 18:53, closed)
This was part of Ben Elton's routine, sometime in the '90s.
ie. long after he'd stopped being funny.
(, Thu 13 Oct 2011, 18:57, closed)
What would you have done with 'wings'?
(, Fri 14 Oct 2011, 18:06, closed)
Told Paul that Linda is a shit keyboardist and he should hire a proper musician.

(, Sat 15 Oct 2011, 20:13, closed)
No way you cant mess with history thats crazy talk
Next you'll be saying he shouldn't have married Heather Mills.
Then they never would have moved to Hove
And she wouldn't have bought the cafe in the Hove Lagoon playground.
So she would never have turned into a vegan fast food restaurant where you can't even buy a decent cup of tea now (especially cos she fucking shuts for the winter) and all the parents sit outside with picnics waiting for her to go bust.

Hang on...
(, Sat 15 Oct 2011, 22:14, closed)

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