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This is a question Weird Traditions

Talking with a friend yesterday about school dinners, she suddenly said, "We had to march into the dining room behind the School Band... except on Thursdays." Since all of us were now staring, she qualified this with, "...on Thursdays there was no wind section. It was a tradition."

What weird stuff have you been made to do "because it's a tradition."

(, Thu 28 Jul 2005, 11:11)
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two ducks
i live on this stupid little island in the middle of nowhere with millions of stupid little traditions. Probably the most random one is, if ever the queen comes over, she has to be presented with two dead stuffed ducks on a plate.

Haven't got a clue where the tradition came from but its bloody funny seeing her face when they give the plate to her, and then she even has to carry it for a while looking bemused and a little scared at these two brown oddly happy looking ducks staring back at her.

They probably just end up as corgy food when she gets home anyway
(, Sat 30 Jul 2005, 13:17, Reply)

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