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This is a question Why should you be fired from your job?

I spent three years "working" in the Ministry of Agriculture carefully crafting projectiles out of folded paper and drawing pins that I would then fire at colleagues with an elastic band. On discovering I'd been conducting all-out warfare when I should really have been in a field counting cows, I was asked to "reconsider my career options" outside the service.

Why, then, should you be fired from your job?

(, Thu 9 Aug 2007, 13:04)
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Very apt QOTW...
...even though I'm not getting fired.

I'm actually leaving my job next week.

Having spent the last couple of years of this job getting away with doing as little as possible, even overdosing on coffee because I reckon it takes about an hour out of the eight hour day boiling and waiting for the kettle before I pour it, if you drink enough of the stuff, showing up pissed on more than one occasion so that "the day is a write-off, that work can wait until tomorrow...", pretty much playing on Sonic The Hedgehog when my bosses back is turned (which co-incidentally it is now as I type this), sitting off reading previous QOTW on b3ta, reading ALL the websites from my RSS feeds before I “settle down for the day to do some proper work” how have I been rewarded with this lax attitude?

I start a new job a week Monday. Double the salary, free parking, expenses paid for, nice air conditioned office, beautiful views of gardens from the windows of my new office and far less, less work. Oh yer, I’m also a mobile worker which means I can “work from home” if I want to as well. Or have meetings in cafes and stuff if necessary.

I didn’t even have to sell my soul for all this. And I’ve not half just brightened up my day after reading back to myself what I’ve just typed!!!

And the football season starts tomorrow!!! It's all good...
(, Fri 10 Aug 2007, 12:50, Reply)

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