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This is a question Winging It

Don Spang says: I once found myself winging it in a job interview and somewhat exaggerated my technical experience in the field of mainframe computer operations. 24 years later, I'm still there. Ever had to improvise to get by? Tell us you tales of MacGyver-type genius.

(, Thu 28 Mar 2013, 12:31)
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Don't have any stories of my own...
Dunno if these links will work, but anyway, this is from an Australian TV series called "Bush Mechanics" featuring some very inventive aboriginal blokes. It is a fantastic example of "winging it". Beautiful language and scenery, and great aboriginal humor.

Take the time to watch both episodes, right through to the end. Sorry about the poxy ads.

Part 1:


Part 2:

Yeah, yeah, belongs to /links, but more in keeping with QOTW.
(, Fri 29 Mar 2013, 14:02, 9 replies)

(, Fri 29 Mar 2013, 14:05, closed)

oh fuck, alright.

(, Fri 29 Mar 2013, 14:29, closed)
Sorry I really am not a pedant.
I am trying to groom you.
(, Fri 29 Mar 2013, 15:20, closed)

Ah, I see, pretending to be all "friendly" with your linky advice.
(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 4:21, closed)

(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 6:24, closed)
You're the Australian poster ringofyre wishes he was.

(, Fri 29 Mar 2013, 18:25, closed)
And you my chinny friend are the man who so wishes
he could fit into AB's skinny jeans.

I think WW might be able to tell the difference.
(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 11:42, closed)
Just had a thought..
Top Gear makes millions.
These blokes probably got fuck all, but for my money, this is twice the entertainment, and less than half the ego.
(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 4:26, closed)
There's no way I'm going to click that shit.
Can't you just précis with a few more unnecessary mentions of the ethnicity of the presenters?
(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 7:34, closed)

There is no shame or insult to refer to someone as Aboriginal. Don't be so sensitive. In this case, it is a point of difference for good reason;

Just as "Bush Tucker" program's highlight how Aboriginal people have a great knowledge of natural food sources, "Bush Mechanics" is about the resourcefulness of Aboriginal people living in remote communities. I've visited a few communities, (with my part Aboriginal survey assistant, who refers to himself as "Aboriginal"), and this show is not too far from the truth.

or, maybe you are confusing "Aboriginal" with the far more derogatory "Abo"? not the same. "Abo" is an intentional slur.

Just click "that shit" and have a look. It's clever, funny and well thought out, and, yes, made by an Aboriginal film company. (Ooh, there's that nasty name again).

I love it. The blokes look like they had a ball making it.
(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 11:37, closed)

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