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This is a question Winning

I once won a gas boiler from The Guardian. Tell us about times you've won, and the excellent and/or crappy prizes you've lifted.

Suggested by dazbrilliantwhites

(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 14:08)
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I want to be petty:
My twat of a step father insisted that we form a family with him and his son at the first opportunity and managed to con my mother into releasing her widow's pension stake and the remaining cash for my brother and me so that he could piss it away in a crap "business venture". He also used to delight in telling me that I would "be in a wheelchair by 30", despite me being frighteningly fit at the time.
I was happy to learn that, while I am older than 30 and able to walk, at least for now, he has suffered a second stroke and is slowly becoming a vegetable.
I win, and I hope you die feeling shame.
I really do hope the fucker dies in agony alone -- though his son would probably not agree about the agony part.
(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 18:45, Reply)

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