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This is a question Winning

I once won a gas boiler from The Guardian. Tell us about times you've won, and the excellent and/or crappy prizes you've lifted.

Suggested by dazbrilliantwhites

(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 14:08)
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My local radio station runs a morning 'mystery celebrity' slot on their morning show. Basically they play a 5 second clip of a celebrity and you have to call in and guess who's talking.

Last year, every morning a guy called Mike was calling in and always getting it wrong. It got that he was automatically put through. And for 4 weeks he called in every day and never won. Us listeners were riveted and tuned in avidly..and of course we were all rooting for him. The station even did a 2 hour interview with him and discovered he had a newborn.

The Friday of Fathers Day weekend, the voice was obviously Sean Connery, and caller after caller said "Yeah, I know who it is, but it's Fathers Day weekend and we want Mike to win".

Mike finally got through....and won a $200 gift card for KMart. With the wrong answer.
(, Fri 29 Apr 2011, 0:05, 3 replies)
That's excellent
and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
(, Fri 29 Apr 2011, 0:10, closed)
It was rather 'awwwww'.
And I don't believe anyone even complained.
(, Fri 29 Apr 2011, 0:35, closed)
woo for Mike.
(, Fri 29 Apr 2011, 1:13, closed)

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