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This is a question I witnessed a crime

Freddy Woo writes, "A group of us once staggered home so insensible with drink that we failed to notice someone being killed and buried in a shallow grave not more than 50 yards away. A crime unsolved to this day."

Have you witnessed a crime and done bugger all about it? Or are you a have-a-go hero?
Whatever. Tell us about it...

(, Thu 14 Feb 2008, 11:53)
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Burning Car
Last year some local ruffians set fire to a stolen car opposite my house, my girlfriend dutifully called the police and informed them of said car and where to find it.

They then insisted to the point of rudeness that she tell them what colour it was.

Seeing that the cars petrol tank had exploded by this point and the tarmac surrounding it was gently bubbling away this seemed rather a moot point to her but they wouldn’t let it lie

I wished she'd said charcoal grey, but she didn't, she lied and said it was red
(, Fri 15 Feb 2008, 13:49, Reply)

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