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This is a question Work Experience

We've got a work experience kid in for a couple of weeks and he'll do anything you tell him to... He's was in the server room most of yesterday monitoring the network activity lights - he almost missed his lunch till we took pity on him.

We are bastards.

How bad was your first experience of work?

(, Thu 10 May 2007, 9:45)
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miniature chicken wings?? anyone?
I've worked here for about a month now (at my dad's car repair shop) and they finally felt the need to welcome me today. I had to go pick up a car part and when I walked out the front door there was a tiny baby bird lying next to the door, it was dead. Me being sad and a girl I told them they needed to get rid of it. So when I got back was all settled back in at my desk my dad asked me to bring him a piece of paper from inside the desk. When I opened it, lo and behold there lies said baby birdie wrapped in a tiny towel looking right at me. I screamed. Took everything I had not to cuss the stupid fuckers. So I yell at them. My dad's partner claims I didn't tell him what to do with it I just said move it. And so he did. So My dad comes out with the towel in his hand sez he's gonna flush it down the toilet. I go back in the office and there it sits on my dr. pepper can. YaY! I make him come get it, for real this time and I am just praying it's not on the hood of my car. bleh.
(, Fri 11 May 2007, 21:46, Reply)

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