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This is a question Failed Projects

You start off with the best of intentions, but through raging incompetence, ineptitude or the plain fact that you're working in IT, things go terribly wrong and there's hell to pay. Tell us about the epic failures that have brought big ideas to their knees. Or just blame someone else.

(, Thu 3 Dec 2009, 14:19)
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Another vehicle-related one
I worked in a car factory for a while, and it was a pretty decent job, but their dedication to Henry Ford's ideal of the people who built the cars being able to afford one was, shall we say, somewhat wanting. Fortunately, being an enterprising fellow, I came up with a plan: theft. Not driving a whole car off the lot, of course, but sneaking parts out in my lunchbox so I could reassemble them at home.

Do you have any idea how many parts go into a car? I'll tell you--a LOT. I was years getting all of them into my garage, and when I'd finally finished, it turned out that the car company had changed the way half of them fit together. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to just take up machining and build the thing from scratch.

Anyway, after a while, we got it running, so I guess it wasn't a complete failure. Looked a bit funny, though.

--J. Cash
(, Sun 6 Dec 2009, 0:13, 2 replies)
fucking brilliant

(, Mon 7 Dec 2009, 14:08, closed)

(, Tue 8 Dec 2009, 4:33, closed)

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