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This is a question Failed Projects

You start off with the best of intentions, but through raging incompetence, ineptitude or the plain fact that you're working in IT, things go terribly wrong and there's hell to pay. Tell us about the epic failures that have brought big ideas to their knees. Or just blame someone else.

(, Thu 3 Dec 2009, 14:19)
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When I was a nipper
My cousins and I were playing in their garden. We were jumping off the climbing frame, maybe 5 feet high, and, with the aid of an umbrella, we were floating happily down to earth.

Having been scientifically proved a success, the method of parachuting with an umbrella needed to go through some more clinical trials before we could go about releasing this information on the unsuspecting world, and making our millions.

The one fly in the ointment, was when we were caught on our way up to the fourth floor, umbrellas in hand, by my aunt.

She probably was in league with the parachute manufacturers, and the big multinational companies were able to pay her off, to suppress our findings.

Not so much a failed project, as a sabotaged project...
(, Mon 7 Dec 2009, 12:31, 1 reply)
Unless it was Mary Poppins' umbrella
then I think your aunty saved your life. I'd say that was a saved project!
(, Mon 7 Dec 2009, 13:57, closed)

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