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This is a question Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly falalalalaalalalala, expounds Richards mcbeef. But is it *really*? Forced merriment, shit presents, awful relatives...One year my sister dropped an almighty guff in front of our grandmother and then literally pissed herself laughing. She was 18. But tell us *your* Yuletide yarns.

(, Thu 17 Dec 2015, 9:06)
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Christmas Day 2009 - when I was still drinking. A very sad but thankfully short story in just 4 words
Missed calls
Mum: 35
(, Thu 24 Dec 2015, 7:50, 11 replies)
Three words, one number.

(, Thu 24 Dec 2015, 8:34, closed)
I too have done that
Alcoholically unconscious on chrimbo day. Presents to give laying around me. Empty seat at my sisters dinner table. Missed calls. Rolling eyes. "We knew this would happen"
(, Fri 1 Jan 2016, 7:57, closed)
Congrats on your sobriety
Terse story, well told
(, Sun 3 Jan 2016, 8:00, closed)

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