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I don't pretend to be good at animating or mashing. I waste far too much time on b3ta :)

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» I was drunk when I bought this

Not me buy my brother
We were with school on a german holiday and my brother ended up with a 12 inch rubber cock hanging from his dorm. He later found out that he had named the cock Deric and that was why he had drawn a face and bow tie on it.

(Thu 9th Jun 2005, 18:50, More)

» Strange things you've been paid to do

I was once ...
payed a fiver to meow every minute of a fifty minute lesson. Twas lucky we had one of the stupidest teachers ever, as she kept sending random people out for it heheehehehhehe
(Sat 2nd Oct 2004, 11:50, More)

» Pet Peeves

At the moment I'm learning German...seven (long ) years in to be fair.

What really annoys me, is when someone who doesn't speak that language...or worse still has done a 'few' evening classes stands behind you and gives a running commentary on what THEY think you're writing.

NO KLONEN IS NOT A TYPE OF MEAT! It's fucking German for cloning you cunts! and repeating every word i type in some sort of bastardised accent just makes me want to kick you. In the face.

It's not even the fact that they're attempting to to do it, it's just the sheer cunting arrogance that, "they will definitely be able to understand whatever you write, using logic" makes me want to shove all 600 pages of Hammer's German Grammar sharply up their anal passage....sideways....including amendments.

You think I went through all of this pain, thousands of corrections and feeling like utter wank to be told that anyone can understand it with logic. People wouldn't take PHD's in languages, if you could learn them in a week!

...and breathe
(Tue 6th May 2008, 12:36, More)

» The B3ta Cookbook

Soup of kings
Or how to live off 10€ for a week and a half.

After moving to Berlin I was quickly left unemployed, this recipe allowed me ample time to masterbate and sulk whilst also prolonging the period I was able to do it!


Onion + Garlic + anything else remotely oniony (cellery/peppers work too)
Tin of tomatoes
Chilli and lots of it!
Cumin/coriander (if you're feeling fancy... I pinched the stuff that the landlord left)
Chicken stock + pint and a bit of water
Red Lentils

Fry stuff that looks like it wants frying, add stock and lentils, add tomatoes, leave for 30 minutes.

Blend to buggery (else you get the worst farts known to man)

Eat with toast

(Sun 1st Jul 2012, 19:18, More)

» How nerdy are you?

When reading a critical essay ...
for English, I find myself attempting to press control + F. I'm then mortally disappointed when this doesn't give me a nice highlight of all the things I'd find useful.

I've also got a mate who has a dual boot mp3 player, and has worked out how to play doom on it.

On top of this, I look forward to Thursdays so I can read the "best of" qotw.

*sigh only 4 days left now*
(Mon 10th Mar 2008, 11:12, More)
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