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Howdy howdy howdy. I am FoldsFive, and am married to the lovely Blue Star. You can e-mail me at davidjcourt at googlemail dotty com if you like.

I also has a blog.


To join the line Gaz me a link to a decent photograph of yourself and its guaranteed that you're in

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The Coventry Pixelbash 18/03/06

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Any comments, thoughts, cash-donations or just plain proposals of marriage are always welcome. I've always been keen on being a God Father to a child, so if I seem like the type of upstanding individual you would want to have responsible for the spiritual welfare of your offspring then drop me a line.. I'm also available for weddings, christenings and bar-mitzvahs and am free most Saturdays except when doing my community service.

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In response for woos and yays, i promise that if you ever need a Kidney or Eye for an emergency operation then I'm your man. If you have the requirement for a decent working liver or lung, you're probably best going elsewhere to be honest.

And here's my favourite thing I've ever done on b3ta..
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Oh, and the record label "The Simulated City" and the band "The Archive of Everything" are crooked tossers. If anybody is ever asked to do any work for them on an artistic basis, turn it down.

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The version of facebook tailored to Primary Schools makes for difficult reading.

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Best answers to questions:

» People with Stupid Names

I had a biology teacher at school called Mrs. Marks
who decided to add the name of her husband to her own and became "Mrs Brown Marks" (henceforth to be forever after known by the school kids as "Mrs Skids"). A friend of mine, a teacher, used to teach a kid with another humorous double-barrelled surname - Lee Cox-Hooker.. :)
And this is the same teacher who had a girlfriend called Emma Dale
(Thu 26th Aug 2004, 20:40, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

Chocolate Limes are the pus from Satans arse-crack
Which absolute cock came up with the concept of mixing a lime boiled sweet (lovely on its own) with chocolate (lovely on its own) to make the absolute hellspawn that is a Chocolate Lime? The last one I tried was about fifteen years ago and it connected straight with my vomit trigger and made me literally throw up on the spot. Haven't tried them since but I fear it will have the same effect.

..and while I'm whinging about it; Wagon wheels as well. I'm not talking the obvious thing about how they're smaller now than they used to be , but that it wouldn't matter if you grabbed a few straight off the conveyor belt at McVities - THEY WOULD STILL TASTE STALE
(Fri 16th Jul 2004, 18:54, More)