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» Little things that turn you on

Half Dutch girls. Who like walking. In Snowdonia. And laugh at me when I'm clinging to the side of Y Garn, shaking with fear because I think I'm going to die on a tricky patch that she skipped over no problem.

I know she won't read this. But if anyone who knows her does, tell her I think she's absolutely bloody amazing and if the only way to get her attention was to do that part of Y Garn again, I would. That is all.

/Hopeless romantic
(Tue 22nd Feb 2005, 22:23, More)

» Evidence that you're getting old

I'm old before my time.
I know this because:

- I find clubbing tremendously boring.
- I always wish they'd turn down the music in pubs.
- I drink something I'll enjoy, rather than to get drunk.
- I'm a member of a rambling club.
- I find that a cup of Earl Grey & Vanilla tea will make all the world's ills vanish.
- I've recently incorporated my dad's taste in music into my own.
- I think clothes are ridiculously overpriced, and only buy them in the sales.
- I constantly correct people's spelling, punctuation and grammar.
- People come to me if they don't know what a word means.
- I think the common looks so beautiful in autumn that I wander round with my camera taking photos.
- I start to shout at the TV during politics shows.
- I enjoy countdown.
- I despair at the state of the country and the future.
- Far from being my main goal, money seems to be of almost no significance to life.
- I think babies are the cutest things in the world.
- I think I want to settle down with someone and go for evening walks in the countryside, hand in hand as we talk aimlessly about life, the universe and everything, watching the sun go down behind the hills; both momentarily struck by a sense of the incredible beauty of the universe, awoken from our reverie by our faithful dog bounding happily back towards us...
...sorry, off in my own little world.
- I daydream.

I turned 20 just over two months ago...
(Sat 30th Oct 2004, 18:55, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Not mine, but told me by a particularly racist person...
Q: What do you do when you see 100 dead arabs?
A: Laugh and reload!

Q: Why are there no arabs in Star Trek?
A: Because it's set in the future!

Q: What do you call a [person from Pakistan] with no arms or legs?
A: Trustworthy!

Like I said, he was kinda racist...
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 21:32, More)

» Useless Information

In the Dutch "heads, shoulders"
instead of:

"and eyes, and ears, and a mouth, and a nose"

they say:

"ears, eyes, point of the nose".

Useless, but fun :)
(Sun 20th Mar 2005, 12:10, More)

» Beautiful Moments

A few weekends ago,
just got to the top of Devil's Kitchen on the way up to Y Garn. Crystal clear day, 3 foot deep snow, frozen mountain streams, a big lake, the sun shining...

It was breathtaking and I was breathtaken.
The words are not enough.
(Sat 12th Mar 2005, 13:29, More)
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