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I programme in various languages, for console games and websites. I draw and paint. I'm new to this whole Photoshop malarkey.

I can't believe it's not bin dung
A series of things which have probably been done before.

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I'll just drop this here

(Thu 4th Oct 2012, 18:09, More)

Have a pea
Hitler's timing was poor.

(Tue 14th Jul 2009, 18:30, More)

Your kids know what you get up to.

Hopefully not bindun.
(Sat 29th Nov 2008, 18:55, More)

Must've bindun?

(Wed 27th Aug 2008, 0:57, More)

"It's those damned OCP cuts, Murphy... we had to find you a desk job."

(Mon 21st Jan 2008, 22:28, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Sexism

Old pearoast

(Sun 3rd Jan 2010, 23:44, More)

» First rude thing I ever saw

My sex education started at 6.
So I had a vague intellectual understanding of the mechanics as a young child... but nothing more.

As a generally curious little boy, attempting to learn more, I asked my parents: "If a prostitute is someone who has sex for money, is a destitute someone who does it for free?"
(Thu 11th Aug 2011, 22:50, More)

» My most gullible moment

Kid at school
Must have been about 12 or 13... I convinced him Big Ben was powered by a huge yoyo that went up and down St Stephen's tower.
(Sun 24th Aug 2008, 20:28, More)

» Mistaken Identity

Standing on the platform of Jesmond metro station in Newcastle...
Some kids on the opposite platform shouted "Fucking hell, it's Paul Merton." I wasn't.
(Sun 3rd Jun 2007, 17:06, More)

» Sexism

I think the Au Pairs covered this subject in full
It's obvious.
(Sun 27th Dec 2009, 15:47, More)
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