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(Thu 6th Jun 2019, 23:47, More)

(Sun 6th Apr 2008, 21:52, More)


(Sun 20th Apr 2003, 22:25, More)


god im hungover
(Sun 20th Apr 2003, 12:14, More)


(Mon 24th Feb 2003, 23:15, More)

Tiddles lets one go

Click for a biggie that's GRRRRRRREAT!
(Thu 20th Feb 2003, 22:19, More)

same dog diffrent day

morning all
(Sat 15th Feb 2003, 11:52, More)


(Sat 15th Feb 2003, 1:39, More)

None none more black
whatever next

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dog swans
(Fri 7th Feb 2003, 3:40, More)

Bloody foreigners
you come over here tek our jobs.
tek that

and that
(Tue 4th Feb 2003, 23:27, More)

Ive being trieing to work
out cartoon shadows

(Wed 29th Jan 2003, 20:42, More)

Im in a falling mood

(Tue 28th Jan 2003, 23:36, More)

it was to hard to resist

(Tue 28th Jan 2003, 2:46, More)

This is a very complex case Mr Skywalker
There are a couple of loose ends I'd like to tie up.

Nothing important you understand.
(Thu 23rd Jan 2003, 0:31, More)

Ooo, Ooo, Serve me first.

Darth vaders mind powers were always under par when he needed a wiz

Time 4T
(Thu 9th Jan 2003, 17:49, More)

they got tape for everything these days.

(Thu 2nd Jan 2003, 19:59, More)

no refresh

(Tue 24th Sep 2002, 21:35, More)

evening each

(Tue 3rd Sep 2002, 18:22, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Phobias


(Sat 12th Apr 2008, 19:19, More)

» Have you ever seen a dead body?

Yes I have

(Wed 5th Mar 2008, 0:00, More)

» When Animals Attack

Our cat chased a mouse out of the long grass.
The mouse ran up my leg (I was wearing flares).
Unfortunately a large number of my family where also standing around to witness this event.
The story is now part of family folklore.
I cant remember what happened to the mouse but I can remember a song and dance about catching the cat so that it couldn't get the mouse that I was trying to fish out of my flares.
(Sat 26th Apr 2008, 0:26, More)

» Rubbish Towns

I once lived in Wolverhampton?
(Sat 31st Oct 2009, 15:45, More)

» Spoilt Brats

Two Of The most Spoilt
people I've ever met have been chicks.
I'd say there big F**ing mouths came in useful in the end.
Theres nothing quite like a good stiff argument that can't be bargained with.
(Sat 11th Oct 2008, 13:58, More)
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