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» Worst Band Ever

I think Freddy Mercury was a great singer, I enjoyed his solo stuff and 'Somebody to Love' was alright.

But seriously, fuck off Queen fans! I can say I don't like any other band but as soon as I admit to not liking Queen, the room goes silent and everyone looks at me like I've just liquidized a baby!

'But you have to like Queen!' they say.
The smug cunt in the corner, swirling his red wine says, 'You know, if you don't like Queen, you don't like real music,' (he is also a massive fan of X Factor.)
'Seriously? Not even one song!!!'

They then proceed to play me EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SONG while singing at the tops of their voices and staring at me with creepy grins.

'Come on! Bohemian Rhapsody! You must love it!?'

No I don't! It bores me and it goes on forever!

So Queen, I officially name you, the worst band ever, simply because you've spawned the most irritating fans in existance!
(Thu 30th Dec 2010, 19:56, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

If someone doesn't like a band I like then that's fine by me.
If I don't like one of their bands then they usually don't care.
But as soon as I say I don't like Queen there's an uproar!

'You don't like real music!'
'Not even one song?'
'They're classic!'

Why am I supposed to like them? I agree that they're great musicians and have been a huge influence on music but I don't like any of their songs!

What makes this worse is my friends feel the need to blast out all their songs on a regular basis, singing as loud as they can while grinning and going 'haha you hate this don't you!'

Which just gives me the impression that all Queen fans are smug, ignorant cunts! (I'm sure some of you are lovely!) =)
(Thu 22nd Oct 2009, 11:24, More)

» Famous people I hate

I hate The Rock
my opinion will probably be met with raised eyebrows though...
(Tue 9th Feb 2010, 20:06, More)

» Customers from Hell

I worked in a quiet village pub for about a year and a half and as most of you probably know, about 70% of people who enter a quiet village pub are complete and utter funts!

Highlights include:
A woman ordering a rare roast beef sandwich, then taking it back and complaining that she was pregnant and couldn't eat rare beef. (word failed me!)

An old man who asked for ice in his tap water (old people always asked for that because it was free.) I put 2 cubes in and he said 'it'll be too cold now.'

A little girl crying and screaming because we didn't have any pink straws!
(We did sometimes have pink straws so I always gave them to little boys, they fucking hated it!)

Old men asking for a glass with a handle because they couldn't hold on to regular glasses!

One old man shouted at me because his ale didn't look right...(it was a new barrel!)

An Asian man came in asking if he could sell his dvds...I told him I worked for an amateur film company and I'd call the police if he didn't leave straight away!

I'm sure there's loads more I've forgotten...
(Fri 5th Sep 2008, 0:37, More)

» Addicted

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce!!!!!
Goes with bloody everything! =D
(Sun 21st Dec 2008, 19:14, More)
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