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This is a question Irrational Hatred

People who say "less" when they mean "fewer" ought to be turned into soup, the soup fed to baboons and the baboons fired into an active volcano. What has you grinding your teeth with rage, and why?

Suggested by Smash Monkey

(, Thu 31 Mar 2011, 14:36)
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Irrational? Probably. Disproportionate? Definitely.
A few co-workers and I were getting a lift home from another colleague. Conversation drifted between the usual topics until the passing mention of one name set off an alarming rage in our ordinarily placid driver. His complexion deepened to a dark purple and the air turned blue whilst for the next ten minutes, the target of the deafening tirade was called every name under the sun. No motive or justification for the anger was offered up, just an ongoing catalogue of verbal abuse. Spittle and a clenched fist hammered the dashboard as the passengers sat in silence, exchanging nervous glances and genuinely fearing that they were about to die in a fiery car crash any moment.

So, which monster could inspire such untiring hatred? To my ongoing bafflement, Michael Fish.
(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 19:30, closed)
Maybe they thought you meant Albert Fish.

(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 19:47, closed)
Didn't Fish fail to predict the hurricane?
Perhaps your driver resented not being warned about it in time to take his trees in.
(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 20:59, closed)
can you do that?

(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 21:51, closed)
You know the thunderbirds launch sequence when the trees fold down?
Just stop there.
(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 22:17, closed)
"hurricane"? lols
it wasnt a hurricane, it's just that everything built in England is ghey
(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 23:16, closed)
Hurricane? No. Hurricane force winds? Yes!
F12 if I recall. It hit the coast about 3 miles from my house, and fucked us up like a toddler in a glasscock factory.

It also hit Worthing, where it did several million pounds worth of improvements...

(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 9:49, closed)
It also hit Worthing, where it did several million pounds worth of improvements...
^ This has made my day...all down hill from here me thinks
(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 10:18, closed)
Ah, someone who knows Worthing
I was on a train (thankfully) leaving Worthing one evening, and two old biddies were chatting in the same compartment.

"The last time I was in Worthing was 1954," said one white-haired old dear. "And it stank then, too."
(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 10:56, closed)
Heh, that's probably the reason
"Nonsense children, it's a perfect day for me to teach you to sail."
(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 12:41, closed)
Ha ha ha!
Poor old Michael Fish!
(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 13:05, closed)

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