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# They are not,
nobody with no background in coding can give good technical consultancy as an SEO.

Of course, I don't make the tweaks, I give them to the dev - it's his baby, not mine.
(, Tue 22 Jun 2010, 11:08, archived)
# Surely to understand what the tweaks are doing,
a knowledge of code helps?

Another bad experience: An SEO once told me to remove the "javascript links" from my site. He thought they were javascript because they changed colour when you rolled over them... ie using CSS. A knowledge of basic coding would have helped there.
(, Tue 22 Jun 2010, 12:53, archived)
# Again
shit SEO.
(, Tue 22 Jun 2010, 16:49, archived)
# I'll take it as given that you are good at your job.
Do these shit SEOs not piss you off for bringing your business into disrepute?

It is experiences like this which have made me very cynical.
(, Tue 22 Jun 2010, 17:26, archived)
# Yes.

Cunt them in the fucking murrays, the lot of them.

Seriously though, for a small site I was using to make money, I'd spam. The luxury of having clients who are big enough that the reputational fallout for the brand outweighs the ease of cheating is nice, but a challenge.
(, Tue 22 Jun 2010, 17:55, archived)