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# ah, fnord. while you're here
do you remember a pic of a whale with graffiti down its side like a subway train? I started one then had the nagging feeling it's been done.

Plus the bloody whale kept on trying to swim off, the bastard.
(, Tue 8 Apr 2003, 22:53, archived)
# no,
not really. If you have it coming out of a subway tunnel then it may start sounding familiar, quite a lot of stuff has been done to those since Mr. Mantlepies and Mr. Fancyteeth (I always think of them like those 2 bond villans who kept cropping up) did their wonderful underground tunner seaside/waves pictures one day.
(, Tue 8 Apr 2003, 22:57, archived)
# ok, maybe I'll do it tomorrow

if you can recommend any paint that doesn't wash of a minke whale, do let me know :)

you mean...other people fake the pictures on here?
(, Tue 8 Apr 2003, 23:05, archived)