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[challenge entry] You could smell his fashion

a mile away. Sorry, it's been a while.

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(, Tue 29 Mar 2011, 18:03, archived)
# guhhh
Cheese really is rank when you think of it. Especially when it looks all waxy and moldy like that.
Ill stick to me cheddar, ta!
(, Tue 29 Mar 2011, 18:07, archived)
# chedder for me too
that's the only cheese i can manage... and even then i barely have it.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2011, 18:25, archived)
# Thing is...
Even the most processed tesco value Cheddar has a crusty mouldy coating too, it's just all sliced off before it goes out to the shops and you never see it.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2011, 18:29, archived)
# I prefer a nice pork pie, guvnor!
(, Wed 30 Mar 2011, 4:48, archived)