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# hahahah
Good Times

edit: Riverghost: 'Mate if you did it you're fucking brilliant However three peaple with many years of experience. All of us have had our images used in the national and international press.
We are saying, and we's appologise if we were wrong, categoricly, that is some sort of spread on a person's face.'

hahah fucking hell, comedy gold
(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 12:05, archived)
# best response in that thread was from Geoff:
"why is your friend sending you photos of men in football kit?"
(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 12:15, archived)
# I have many years of experience with pictures of men in football kit
(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 12:17, archived)
# I was only asking
(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 13:07, archived)