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# is that 'stoke me a clipper' ace rimmer?
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 20:27, archived)
It's Lord Flashheart on to Top Gun's Maverick.

It's the first time I've used Photoshop for anything other than resizing/cropping and can see a lot more practice is needed.
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 20:46, archived)
# same actor, similar character
joke is better than technique, so i've heard...

edit - just noticed the first half of that sentence was missing... tried to use the code bracket (greater than) symbol thingy and borked it
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 21:03, archived)
# Same actor?!?
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 22:33, archived)
# oh shit no, it's not.
i had a thick moment there... don't know what the fuck i was thinking of... must be the tesco value burgers i've been stuffing down my piss-pipe.
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 22:41, archived)