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[challenge entry] This is the first image I ever posted on B3ta:

If I had known I'd be pearoasting it in a challenge seven years later I wouldn't have worn that hat :O

Edit: looking at it now, I can't believe we got the spoon bending part to look that fluid on a fluke, without actually really knowing what we were doing.
There's also a version with sound!

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(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 1:27, archived)
# Nice hat
They never told you where Sporks come from, did they?
(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 1:33, archived)
# No, they didn't...
But this was a lovely way of finding out!
(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 1:40, archived)
# Hahaha
(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 2:01, archived)
# =)
(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 6:24, archived)
It's spoony!
(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 7:29, archived)