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# Memories!
I found out they remade Target Renegade for the iPhone/Pad the other day:
It was a classic Speccy game for me.
(, Sun 11 May 2014, 12:21, archived)
# You would of thought they'd do this more, the market would be vast.
(, Sun 11 May 2014, 12:45, archived)
# Elite were trying to do so with this
However, there have been quite a few bad stories about it.

I think what would work is a Spotify-type site of retro games rather than expecting people to buy them individually. Re-playing some bad ones is part of the fun, but I'm not sure people would pay full price for most of them.

The unofficial emulator sites are good, but there's always security fears there, and it would be nice if the programmers got some money (though I suspect they don't see much of the official apps money).
(, Sun 11 May 2014, 13:03, archived)
# Drawers of C60s in my room...
..have been converted to a tiny section of one of my hard drives. Although I use worldofspectrum more often than I use my emulators, these days.
(, Thu 15 May 2014, 15:20, archived)