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[challenge entry] 1.21 jigger whats?

Woo, my third front page in eight and a half years!EDIT: I meant 5th

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(, Tue 22 Jul 2014, 15:14, archived)
# To be fair,
We have had a truck-load of increasingly shitty shark movies lately. I don't know if we're up to Jaws XIV, but Sharknado II has to count for something.
(, Tue 22 Jul 2014, 16:07, archived)
# "Increasingly Shitty Shark" should be a movie title also.
(, Tue 22 Jul 2014, 17:23, archived)
# "Eggbound Hammerhead" is a classic Disney film.
(, Tue 22 Jul 2014, 18:25, archived)