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# The worst pizza i evar had
was with calamari and haggis. Chip shop haggis.
(, Thu 27 Jun 2019, 23:26, archived)
# A waiter once told me that they had no anchovies for my pizza,
but then was told they had "found some".

I mean, the pizza was perfectly nice, but the paranoia that I may be eating left-over anchovies from the bottom of a dustbin rather tainted it.

(, Thu 27 Jun 2019, 23:35, archived)
# boke
or found in the opaque slurry of drippings at the bottom of the fridge
(, Thu 27 Jun 2019, 23:49, archived)
# Or found in the restaurant's fish tank
(, Fri 28 Jun 2019, 0:07, archived)