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# Only four fingers on his hand and he appears to have the same hair stylist as Rik Mayall
Is her Majesty trying to attract the assistance of the Guards to have the interloper thrown out again
(, Mon 24 May 2021, 14:32, archived)
# If you look closely, the middle finger is just behind the one next to it
A shame because that would make it so much easier to start reactors that terraform Mars.
(, Mon 24 May 2021, 14:37, archived)
# I'll take your word for it
Manuel not lizard person states 'Tribs' Tribson, photoshopper to the stars
(, Mon 24 May 2021, 16:48, archived)
# and suspected lizard enabler
(, Mon 24 May 2021, 19:44, archived)
# I deny everything and I have no idea why that iguana paid that large sum into my offshore bank account, obviously a clerical error
(, Tue 25 May 2021, 11:26, archived)