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(, Tue 14 Sep, 18:59, Reply)
# I get this one!
Anni-Frid was the only original ABBA member who didn't read the message correctly about turning up at the photo shoot in their red "City Orient R.C." shirts, a club for RC controlled Asian rowing boat enthusiasts based in Fisksätra, near Stockholm. So, realising she was already the ABBA member the others looked down upon, she sneakily tries to take off her bra mid-shoot with the intention of fashioning a makeshift "City Orient R.C." logo out of it. She didn't take into account that the two B's were always looking at her tits. So Anni-Frid was caught and replaced by a then unknown woman from the City Orient R.C. club named SImone, who bore a striking resemblance to her. This is also the reason why ABBA was known as BABS for a short period of time.

(, Wed 15 Sep, 9:25, Reply)
# Amirite? Fuck yeah you are!!
(, Wed 15 Sep, 10:46, Reply)
# Apart from the factual bits, this is 100% correct
(, Wed 15 Sep, 12:07, Reply)
# Tale of the unexpected
(, Wed 15 Sep, 15:29, Reply)
(, Wed 15 Sep, 16:00, Reply)