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[challenge entry] Kids Pfft.

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(, Thu 1 Sep 2022, 16:35, archived)
# Still though, he managed to hack a Speak & Spell to work as a web browser, credit where credit's due.
(, Thu 1 Sep 2022, 17:40, archived)
# I seriously looked into turning a Speak&Spell into a Swear&Spell many years ago...
turns out the technology used to encode the speech was far more complicated than I'd anticipated (being more used to samples), amongst other things...still got a box of TI's various speaking educational toys somewhere...
(, Thu 1 Sep 2022, 17:54, archived)
# Is this something to do with Old Macdonald and his E I E I Os?
(, Thu 1 Sep 2022, 18:55, archived)