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# Coz I'm bored. here is my idea for mantel pies phone ad.

-- a repeatable format too. Lots of dressed up phones making personal statements. And that's what the 2nd/3rd generation of phone buyers are about. Making statements. Yadda yadda.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2002, 18:09, archived)
# you big ginger loveable loon, you!
(, Thu 6 Jun 2002, 18:19, archived)
# like
a portable atm ?

(, Thu 6 Jun 2002, 18:20, archived)
# thats marvelous
that is!
(, Thu 6 Jun 2002, 18:52, archived)
# likee lottee
If only clients like Tmobile whom the ads are for would accept decent whacky ideas. Generally they like straight stuff. The stuff were doing at the moment is ok. Its basically got to have the endline life's better with pictures advertising the fact you can send pictures via your mobile. Their current billboard campaign features words saying Idyllic beach or beautiful model then finishes off with the endline. Me n' mr.wellington have to come up with internet ad ideas along the same lines. Oh! and one execution has to feature a baby(dont ask). Keep shtum though coz I dont think theyd be appy me tellin you this info.
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 10:52, archived)