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# he looks like the
married man that said he twists himself off... bit freaked out! not that the married dude isn't nice looking but when he looks like someone's dad, you have to think twice!! ;0
(, Thu 12 Jun 2003, 13:29, archived)
# So,
who's Dad do you have to look like before you get interested?*

*you are in no way obliged to answer this.
(, Thu 12 Jun 2003, 13:32, archived)
# Hmmm...
good question... Any of Steve McQueen's kids dad? or Johnny Knoxville's kids dad? Hmmm, good one!
(, Thu 12 Jun 2003, 13:39, archived)
# Trouble is, the married dude
looks like his own Dad too...
(, Thu 12 Jun 2003, 13:36, archived)
# Always a nightmare!
I get offended if people say I look like my dad - how can I? he's a man and I'm a very girly girl! :)
(, Thu 12 Jun 2003, 13:38, archived)