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# I hear the board hasnt been too fluffy this evening
so i have mashed this. (inspired by the antics of mr sunshine elephant, though not up to his standards

its of lots of different types of people jumping around and being happy
what types of people exactally i hear you cry? i leave that up to you
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:49, archived)
# where you going?
sorry i didnt anwser you earlier when you asked what i was feeling at a loss at but a server of ours went made and needed sedating
[edit]can now answer if you still wanna know, you on m3ss3nger?
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:57, archived)
# can you not talk here?
I'm going to London to see this guy:
and go to the B3tabash :)
(, Thu 10 Jul 2003, 0:00, archived)
# yay! ill see you there!
bit of a long story, but basically. g/f working loads last week, so hardly saw her, she had this week off so would get to spend time with her (yay!) but on saturday she found out one of her relatives she was v close to was v ill (booo) and so she went home and i was at a loss of what to do, say, and generally feeling worried about her and missing her too
*breaths* and that is why
(, Thu 10 Jul 2003, 0:04, archived)
# Aw, pants!
Ignore my m3ss3ng3r m3ssag3, then :)
Hope it all works out *hug*
(, Thu 10 Jul 2003, 0:07, archived)
# : )
(, Thu 10 Jul 2003, 0:10, archived)
# did you say
exactly in the style of the caterpillar from alice in wonderland? I do hope you did.
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:51, archived)
# :)
woo for fluffyness :)
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:51, archived)
# yay
fabulous dancing yak
got in cayak
and sailed to the moon
and when he got back
his rucksack
had turned into a baboon
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:52, archived)
# you dont know how big a grin thats put on my face
: )

just smashing!

[edit]best poem ever! and its going in my profile :)

[edit2] IS now in my profile
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:52, archived)
# yay
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:55, archived)
# well
red people, orange people, yellow people, turquoise people, more orange people, green people and blue people of course.
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:52, archived)
# Hurrah!
tag it! quick! ;)
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:58, archived)
# ah its ok
its got my handwriting on it.
(, Wed 9 Jul 2003, 23:59, archived)