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[challenge entry] Plucky Sarah Smith limbers up for the World Zoom Lens Swallowing contest

to be held in Karachi, next summer. She already holds the current record, however she is expecting stiff competition from the Kenyans this year. Also pictured is her personal coach, Jack 'Jack' Jackson. Good luck Sarah!

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(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:23, archived)
# For some reason that reminds me of a girl I once new ...
... she was a photographer.
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:25, archived)
# are you someone I know?
Or maybe you know someone I know? Know anything about putting a dustbin on Queen Victoria?

Morning, by the way.
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:27, archived)
# Morning ...
and urm, eh? What, who me? Dunno what you're talking about I'm afraid.
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:33, archived)
# okey doke
Just a Berks friend of mine is also into things of a Robert Anton Wilson variety.
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:42, archived)
# I'm sure she could find a career in the adult
entertainment industry.
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:25, archived)
# Hehehe
Woo to lens swallowing
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:27, archived)
# Nice chap him,
Len Swallowing.
Keeps pigeons.
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:32, archived)
# and if you lend him an ear
he'll tell you what it was like around here when it was all fields.

Morning Bov!
(, Fri 11 Jul 2003, 9:43, archived)