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# Gremlins Vs Desparate Dan
Result: Mogwai Pie

(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:07, archived)
# Don't eat it after midnight
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:16, archived)
# You should here it when it's cooking...
"Bright light, bright light, hot! hot! hot! Aaaaaarghh!"
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:28, archived)
# Tommy the Muff
You're great! You always make me laugh. Get your arse down here for a booze sesh sometime.
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:37, archived)
# Gee shucks
i'd love to but i'm up in Leeds which makes things a bit tricky - I might be coming down to that London sometime in march though so i'll let you know....
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:52, archived)
# So anyway,, why TheMuff?
Is you a ladyboy or summink?
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 5:06, archived)
# It's a kind of like those misheard lyric things...
I have a natural weariness about revealing my real name on the internet, but I can't really explain the story without doing it, and we're all friends here so what the heck....

Whilst introducing myself to someone a few years ago we were going through the usual greetings, "Hi, i'm Tom Illingworth" I said. The lad I was talking to just stared at me with a look of shear horror. "Is something wrong?" I asked, "I'm sorry" said the lad, "did you say your name was Tommy The Muff?". By the time me and all my friends stopped pissing ourselves and managed to explain to the poor lad his mistake he was more than a bit embarrased.
Anyway the nickname stuck from that day forth and it seemed like as good a name as any to use as an online pseudonym.

So it's not 'cos I look like Rosemary West or nuffink.
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 5:29, archived)
# I have a funny story about calling myself rob
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 6:06, archived)