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# Ouch
sounds like it was quite a night...
I feel like I missed a lot.
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:09, archived)
# you did!
Brendon started an argument with the taxi driver, and nearly got us kicked out at near Old Street, then the taxi driver refused to take him home.
Well, seeing as your evening was cut short, we must go out on the booze again soon, Mr K.
I'll bring the gin, you bring the mini eggs.
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:16, archived)
# do we get to eat cheese
and meet mad vodka-drinking old soaks?
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:27, archived)
# yayoose.
Actually I'm quite upset, I found out the other day that I can't eat Haloumi (it ain't veggie). Gutted. One of my faves. But vodka is definitely vegetarian, so we'll be well away...in a manner of speaking. By the way, Andy, are you from Australia? :oP
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:30, archived)
# Is it not veggie? really?
I thought it was. I thought it was always served as a nice alternative to meat. Oh... Vodka is a good idea I think. I don't think I am from Australia, no. But I know someone who might be.
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 4:37, archived)
# Vodka
Made from Pork. You'll have to stick to gin I'm afraid Nacheroonie
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 5:44, archived)
# Gin
is made from nuns bladders, I'm afraid, you'll have to stick to whisky.
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 5:57, archived)
# No wonder Barbara Streissand gave me a dirty
look when I invited her round for a few vodkas...and on a Friday night as well.
I guess I'm just a schmuck when it comes to being Kosher.

Anyway, Lumpy, that's not true - everyone knows that gin is made from malaria and precious gems from the west coast of India
(, Wed 20 Feb 2002, 6:44, archived)