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# Only...
...in that the distortion of the signal is adapted relative to a psychoacoustic model. This means that the distortion in the signal is masked by more significant signals and your brain/ear can't tell the difference. The problem of distortion gets worse when you lower the encoding bitrate and this is where you will hear 'ringing' - often heard as a fluttery whistling sound. Otherwise MP3 and other CODECs are perfectly good at transmission and storage of audio signals.

edit: this means the quality is actually quite good if you use reasonable settings
(, Tue 30 Mar 2004, 8:56, archived)
# I got one of these

30 albums on one disc is enough for any journey.
(, Tue 30 Mar 2004, 9:00, archived)
# It's fantastic
lovely in every way. And only one hundred poonds!Good for the car too.
(, Tue 30 Mar 2004, 9:04, archived)
# I've got a panasonic one of them
£50 holds 140 songs. Good enough for me.
(, Tue 30 Mar 2004, 9:05, archived)
# I'm glad you translated that.
I was somewhat lost ;)
(, Tue 30 Mar 2004, 9:01, archived)