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# I've led a sheltered life, I see
What does rabbit taste like then?

Was offered an ostrich burger at a barbeque once, declined it.
(, Sun 4 Jul 2004, 0:56, archived)
# Ostrich tastes great.
Well it does in a sausage.
Rabbit is tasty too.

/only in south africa
(, Sun 4 Jul 2004, 0:58, archived)
# and an ostrich egg
is impossible to eat in one go, I find. so fucking big.
(, Sun 4 Jul 2004, 1:00, archived)
# i'd have soldiers
with mine, a loafs worth probaly
(, Sun 4 Jul 2004, 1:04, archived)
# I had an ostrich burger once.
there was a stand selling them at glastonbury.
that time i saw radiohead.
and the lights... and the colours... and...

(, Sun 4 Jul 2004, 1:21, archived)
# I've had an ostritch burger once
It was in a restaurant in America called "Fuddruckers" (fnar fnar, etc)

Tasted more like cow than chicken.
(, Sun 4 Jul 2004, 13:40, archived)
# Rabbit is closer to chicken than dog

in flavour
(, Sun 4 Jul 2004, 0:58, archived)