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# bleugh
i dont know how much i'm repeating ymself here, but here goes.
She's been very bisexual since 14, i know her feelings inside out from what she's told me and my general empathy and intuition (which everyone tells me is an amazing talent of mine, but i'm a pessimist so i refuse to believe them) and i know for a fact that she definately isn't just straight or gay and confused.
I just feel that her happiness is so important to me, on top of my best mate's happiness, that it;s more important than my jealosy. If i can't have her, of in my eyes she is perfect, (i know her flaws extensively, i just don't see them making her any less amazing) who better to have her than someone i really like? Surely i should wish my best friend to have the best girl around if i can't have her.
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