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[challenge entry] duckin' 'ell
I thought this was quite good till I actually looked at it. It's the eternal duck v. earth scenario, done very very badly. Sorry about that.

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(, Tue 15 Oct 2002, 23:30, archived)
# Those damn ducks I knew they were trouble.
Looks pretty cool to me.

(Edit: DAMNIT I just threw my dinner all over the floor and there's nothing else left to cook. Damn. Damn. Damn. I've only got ice-cream left in the flat.)
(, Tue 15 Oct 2002, 23:38, archived)
# any cornflakes?
they make a tasty addition to ice cream
(, Tue 15 Oct 2002, 23:40, archived)
# cook that then
(, Tue 15 Oct 2002, 23:41, archived)
# Too late to start cooking now.
Supermarket day tommorow though, always get lots of crap if I'm hungry.
(, Tue 15 Oct 2002, 23:44, archived)
# I always find
that the guinea pig food is quite tasty. Or even the pigs themselves.
(, Tue 15 Oct 2002, 23:42, archived)