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[challenge entry] After the Meteor Shower...
it seemed EMI would sign just about anyone...

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(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:19, archived)
# I like
triffids would ROCK!!

at least they got the percussion down pat
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:26, archived)
# oh indeed
that clicking/tapping/banging they did to talk used to scare the living shit out of me.

Only thing that ever gave me nightmares were those big sticks of celery...

Happy days eh?
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:29, archived)
# oh yes
and one of the best pieces of 20th centry writing

however, drunkeness must end my night on the board now. So night all.

P.S. anyone who has file sharing (stealing utils) find a song called "No aphrodisiac" by a band called "The Whitlams"... it be marvelous. Enjoy them - I do.
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:34, archived)
# Read Chocky

That rocks too!
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:37, archived)
# Oh yes
and "the trouble with lichen".. and "web"

marvellous writer
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:39, archived)
# Not read Wyndham
I guess I should, him being a great British sciffy writer and also having a large Wyndham archive here in the uni.
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:42, archived)
# oh please

he was a genius.. and a great writer

*edit - bed now.
but midwytch cuckoos too - great.

don't forget to download "the whitlams- no aphrodisiac" either
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:44, archived)
# night
thanks for the jelly tips...

off myself shortly, i think...
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:39, archived)
# Mee tooooo

Remember- it was my idea for jelly first.
I live on Holloway road. If you need a hand like ;)

(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:44, archived)
# other side of london
and you'd have to fight my b/f first ;)

thanks, though :)
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:46, archived)
# mental note
tube pass for one; duct tape. Feathers. Archers.
That's it!

night all/...
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:50, archived)
# *laughs*
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:52, archived)
# repost hell

I havent had a new idea in weeks and judging by this its probably a good thing
(, Fri 18 Oct 2002, 1:56, archived)