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[challenge entry] Don't you just hate when that happens!

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(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:14, archived)
# flash, you madman...
how many of these have you made today?
20? more?
you're the industrial revolution of b3ta. do you have children making these? do you run a photosweatshop?
madness. much woo and yay to your prolific blossoming.
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:17, archived)
# I know...
I need to get a life :)
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:20, archived)
# no no!
stay rrrright here. we like you lifeless.

(just don't get pickledpizza syndrome. I'm still not sure if he left due to pure b3ta burnout or just a job and a life. I sure miss him though. he was like you. a frightening funny machine. *sniiiff!*)
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:23, archived)
# hahaha
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 5:45, archived)
# *loud groaning noises*
Keep em coming mate! :-)
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 6:33, archived)