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[challenge entry] more of a misheard lyric
than a misheard instruction, but still. sorry about killing the board last time - i've learnt my lesson and put this in a clicky thing

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(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 15:38, archived)
# can i recomend using JPGs not BMPs
much smaller
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 15:47, archived)
# i'm using mspaint
so i can't save to jpg...or if i can, i don't know how to.
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 15:52, archived)
# :)

(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 16:00, archived)
# i don't have that.
it only gives the choice of saving to monochrome bmp, 16 colour bmp, 256 colour bmp, 24 bit bmp and TIFF. i must have an older version or summat.

*edit* can i post TIFFs? (sorry, i aspire to be a geek but i lack the skills.)
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 16:06, archived)
# you can do it by
dropping down the 'save as type' list at the bottom of the 'save as' dialogue and selecting 'jpeg' - some older versions may not have this, though
but mspaint saves as shit quality

*edit* you beat me to it!
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 16:03, archived)