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# I don't know...
...ask a stupid question, get a serious in-depth answer....
(, Mon 6 Jun 2005, 14:41, archived)
# That reminds me very much of the time I was touring with Teh Doc
I was only a session pencil sharpener at the time, but he took me on to work the compas on stage - we had a lot of pie charts in the show at the time so it was a very big job for someone so young and at the start of their career, a really big opportunity which he reminds me of almost everytime we meet. Anyway, this one night he refused to go on stage without a bowl full of pork pies with all of that nasty jelly stuff taken out from between the nice pork bit and the pie... I had to get all of the female backing mathmeticians (Doc G always had a lot of very lovely young girls in the ranks of show - I think about 3 of my ex wives have at one time or another worked on Teh Doc's shows) to skillfully cut around the top of the pies and gently take out the jelly... neadless to say we managed and the show was a great success - but ever since then I keep a supply of jelliless pork pies on me everywhere I go... which is a massive waste.
(, Mon 6 Jun 2005, 14:50, archived)