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# 'ning
PS, I'm on the TEFL course. Off to Moscow in a month :D
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:32, archived)
# Oooooh... congrats!
I'm rather envious actually. Have a fab time!
I've been wanting to go to Russia for yonks and yonks. Esp. St. Petersburg :)
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:34, archived)
Petersburg is probably a rather nicer city - and you might get away without knowing Russian there a bit better - but Mrs. Squid* is in Moscow, being the main reason for my wanting to go there.

* she's Armenian, not Russian, and no, she wasn't mail order, you cynical bastards.
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:36, archived)
# Ahhhhhhh... I seeeee!
Send photos! And letters! And vodka! :)
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:43, archived)
# get the overnight train
on a ruler-straight line with a samovar in every compartment
and once you get to StP eat ice cream at the Frog parlour
happy days
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:46, archived)
# YaY!
Don't forget to post a series on real Russian food etc (like my educational shorts, hahah) and keep us updated?
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:34, archived)
# I'm sure I'll be checking b3ta,
but I might only have MS Paint to mess about with. So I'll have to stick to Mort pics!
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:37, archived)
# Mort's adventures in Russia will be fine :D
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:39, archived)
# Taking Elephants For Lifts?
(, Thu 8 Sep 2005, 0:06, archived)