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[challenge entry] Oh no, not a fecking Apple compo!!!

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(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:13, archived)
# is that a fist or a nork?
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:15, archived)
# fork
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:17, archived)
# *fwaps*
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:18, archived)
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:19, archived)
# What?
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:15, archived)
# there are more "I hate this compo" posts
than actual compo posts

(which is not necessarily a bad thing)
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:17, archived)
# iHate that my mornings work is going to be pushed off the board at any second by a deluge of iPod reposts :(
I don't have any Apple products in my house, but even I'm sure that there is more to them than the fucking iPod.

Come on people, use your brains, it's Apple not iPod, what would the world be like if Apple did everything, NOT iPod.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:17, archived)
# Bah!
It'll always be available in the Popular page later, unlike the ipod crap. ;O)

In other news, I made up your Superman, Batman and Spidey models for my kids and they had hours* of fun playing with them.

* Five minutes, during which time my 2 year old decided to crush Spidey for the sadster that he is!
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:20, archived)
# nope, it was pushed off before anyone had a chance to click it


but woo to your kids/people having fun with stuff I done :D
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:23, archived)
# That's the chances you take on this board
Most of the stuff I've posted seems to be shoved off the board by a sudden influx of other stuff, even when I post at quiet times. Such is life. :O)

My four year old decided she wanted to keep her Superman and Batman from being destroyed so they're still in existence. They're a tad bereft of arms though.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:25, archived)
# hahahah
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:28, archived)
# it already has...? I can't see any of your pics on the first page.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:21, archived)
# cockbaskets
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:24, archived)
# They HAD to bring this shitty bandwagon back. It took months for it to die down last time.
*Fumes about this unimportant turn of events*
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 9:18, archived)