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[challenge entry] fitting
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(, Fri 20 Oct 2006, 20:28, archived)
# Who is this guy?
It isn't the chap I used to teach with letting himself go?
(, Fri 20 Oct 2006, 21:00, archived)
# wassup dawg.
You don't recognize the one, the only, Randy Jackson dawg? He's an American Idol judge (as ridiculous as Simon Cowell is pompous) who can't put three words together without saying "dawg" or "man".

He also yo-yos between pant sizes, as much as Oprah.
(, Fri 20 Oct 2006, 21:30, archived)
# not at all
haven't a clue
not a scooby.
This compo is so informative. I gave up tv and watch whatever is worth seeing on bitorrent.
(, Fri 20 Oct 2006, 21:41, archived)
(, Fri 20 Oct 2006, 23:57, archived)