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[challenge entry] Vanity icons:

my cats Gus and Posh.

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(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:05, archived)
# Noice.
I have an idea: why not let everyone who donates have one icon that they have designed themselves (and isn't in the general list for everyone)?

Obviously, it would have to abide by the rules, and the mods would have the power to remove bad ones.

Chances of this being taken up? Low to non-existent.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:08, archived)
# I personally would not like that
I like keeping it very selective, it keeps the board looking neat and cleaner.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:10, archived)
# Fair point
..I forget these things because I have images turned off, and only load what I want to see.
So mostly, we've all got little grey boxes next to our names.

Except the tightwads who haven't donated.

; )
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:11, archived)
# how can you tell if it's what you want to see?
I suppose you could gaz someone and ask them to describe some pics for you!
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:14, archived)
# Usually I'll look at anything, once.
I just ran into some shit at work (months and months ago) for refreshing the board constantly through the day (as well as mp3s, videos etc) which sucked up more bandwidth in a month than anybody else in the organisation uses in a year.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:16, archived)
# in which case,
the rest of your organisation are unhealthily disconnected from the magic that is b3ta. I feel sorry for them.

And now I'm off to bed :)
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:18, archived)
# 'night!
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:23, archived)
# That would be pretty sweet.
It'd be like teeny-tiny avatars.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:10, archived)
# I like the cut of your jib
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:12, archived)
# not bad
not bad 'tol.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:08, archived)
# Bigger picture:
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:14, archived)
# Fluff!!!!
That is rather good.
*sends pat on the head for Gus*
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:17, archived)
# He is vere well (considering).
I could try and icon-ify Posh as well, but that may not be so good, him being ginger and all.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:18, archived)
# Okay, that didn't turn out too bad!
Source vector:

(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 5:59, archived)
# I like the angry look on the icon version
Not so much(anger) on the vector, more a pensive stare.
edit: *sends belly rub for Posh*
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 6:05, archived)
# Heh.
You wanna rub this belly , do ya?

I dare you. I double dare you.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 6:15, archived)
# I'll let your kitty say it
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 6:19, archived)
# now look what you've done.
i've got three cats here staring at me and asking why gus and posh get icons and i haven't made any for them. i sense an impending snubbing.

i'd go for vanity icons. and telekinesis.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 6:10, archived)
# and laser eyes, of course.
I cheated by making grey-scale vector images, shrinking and cropping them, saving them with a reduced palette (the Furtive icon has 5 greys plus transparent), and then tweaking them til they look right.

..and I still gave myself eye-strain.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 6:12, archived)
# all this tech-talk is making me itch.
(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 6:15, archived)