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# Like me
who'll be sending these to everyone this chrissy.
Not that I'm a cum rag, more a moist hanky.

Likes lots.
(, Sat 18 Nov 2006, 11:48, archived)
# One man's moist hanky....
(, Sat 18 Nov 2006, 11:50, archived)
# Why do people spit on each other in porn?
I understand that it could be practical (for temporary lubrication) but it seems to be done like it's sexy.
Which it really doesn't seem to me.
(, Sat 18 Nov 2006, 11:50, archived)
# I don't understand it either
I've been spat on mid-sex by a few people and they seem surprised when I tell them to go fuck themselves
(, Sat 18 Nov 2006, 11:54, archived)
# Hahah, this
"Mmm, mmmm....*hawk*"

...yeah, get your knickers back on please
(, Sat 18 Nov 2006, 11:56, archived)